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Hygiene and Health &

Safety rules at Lioness Gym

You have made good choice by joining Lioness Gym. While the benefits of regular workouts are well known, it is vital to maintain high level of hygiene at the gym to prevent potential exposure to harmful bacteria that may cause numerous skin conditions and even fungal infections.

Hygiene and Health & Safety is joint responsibility between the Gym and yourself as the Gym member. The Lioness team strives to provide you with clean and safe gym environment. We clean floors, toilets, showers, wipe down the gym equipment on regular basis. We are always available to provide you with guidance on safe use of the gym facilities. At the same time, we require you to follow simple Hygiene and Health & Safety guidelines:

  • Please wipe the equipment before and after exercising. Never use the same towel to wipe your face and gym equipment. We provide you with paper towels and antibacterial spray to swipe the equipment. At reception we hire towels and we also sale wrist bands to help you with the sweat. Also, we highly recommend you to use your own gym (training) gloves to protect your skin. You can find these at reception, please check with our friendly staff.
  • Yoga mats are to be used ONLY for core work/Yoga/Pilates/floor work. As part of the workout the mats are coming in contact with bare sensitive skin. Please keep the mats clean and DO NOT step on them with your shoes.
  • Please use gym-appropriate shoes and clothing. Sandals, barefoot are not allowed on the gym floor. Please seek our guidance if you need so. We do not recommend wearing hats and similar headwear at the gym. These will cover your head completely and create a sauna-effect, soaking your hair in sweat.
  • Foul odour is OFFENSIVE to other gym users. Please look after your personal hygiene (take showers, use deodorant, etc...) when visiting the Gym. If needed, take extra shower BEFORE the workout. Not showering right away keeping your workout clothes on after you exercise can cause yeast infections. NEVER reuse the same clothes after your workout.
  • Sometimes our hair tends to fall out when we shower. If this happens to you please make sure you remove your hair behind yourself.
  • Do not throw paper towels and sanitary pads/towels in the toilets, as this will result in the toilet blockage. Please use the appropriate bins.
  • DO NOT use faulty equipment, please report any malfunctions to the Gym staff.
  • If you are not sure how to operate a machine/equipment please ask one of the friendly staff for assistance. Remember, incorrect use of gym equipment may lead to serious injuries.
  • If you feel serious discomfort, STOP exercising immediately, and approach to our friendly staff for assistance.
  • While working out in the Gym, you can leave your children in our friendly crèche facility. Please enquire IN ADVANCE at the reception. You are fully responsible for your children while they are on the Gym premises. Children are not allowed in the machine area.
  • If you are sick (even the simple cold), exercising may cause you more harm. Cold and flu can also be easily shared with other Gym members. The safest practice is to avoid workouts at the gym until you are fully recovered.
  • Any open wounds or cuts should be properly dressed and protected. Please ask our friendly staff if you need assistance with that.
  • Please let the Gym staff know about any incidents (even minor near misses) that occur in the Gym, so it can be registered accordingly.
  • If you observe unsafe/unhygienic behaviour in the Gym by other members, please stop them, and let the Gym management know. If you do not stop the unsafe behaviour, you may get liable for any resulting accidents.

Hygiene and Health & Safety is treated seriously by the Gym management. Failure to follow the above guidelines may result in access to the Gym being denied.

This is a life document, and will be updated periodically. Should you have any suggestions, feedback to share with us please do so to the Gym management

Gym Management,

M: 021 0288 7020


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