LIONESS - The Gym for Women is ready to deliver You our live-stream/online classes

Our live-stream classes are happening 

Monday to Saturday 2.30 pm

We are organizing one complimentary live-stream class per week on our Facebook page

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Happy clients at Lioness Gym

New Zealand's Women's Gym Leader

for Group Fitness Classes and Services

Lioness - The Gym for Women is welcoming you!

If you've got to this page that means You are interested to improve, maintain and/or perform Your fitness and well-being life! We are here to assist Your needs! We know that a woman needs attention, motivation, good support, challenge and lots of fun!

What we offer you:

  • A women friendly and clean environment
  • Over 50 Group Fitness Classes per week
  • A Great Circuit Track to burn up to 500 cal in 30 mins and tone up your body
  • FREE Fitness programs and Well-Being assessments every 8 weeks
  • Personal Training and Nutritional sessions Packages: MOTIV8, EXCEED, MAINTENANCE
  • Group Training sessions
  • Circuit Training sessions
  • Spin/RPM classes
  • Tailored Memberships starting from $9.99/week, t&c apply
  • Green Prescription, Senior and Community Card discounts available
  • Pregnancy and Postnatal classes, contact us here for more details
  • Kids Cat Walk class
  • Sports Massage
  • Infrared Sauna
  • Creche facility: Monday - Friday 9:30 - 11:30 am, contact us for more details
  • Professional staff member to assist with your fitness and well-being needs

Zumba Slimming Belt

  • The lightweight slimming belt safely encourages your body to sweat into shape.
  • The contoured sides let you comfortably bust a move, unlike any other slimming belt, while the adjustable belt allows you to find your perfect fit.
  • No matter how hard you shake it on the dance floor, the stretchy latex-free fabric won't slip out of place as you sculpt your tummy.
  • *Using this product causes increased sweating during exercise, which can result in temporary inch loss. Be sure to stay adequately hydrated when wearing the belt to avoid dehydration. For reviews click Here

Love Your Heart Program

Fitness Program designed for Women that need to exercise for medical reasons.

What we offer in this program?

Up to 3 visits/week where you can choose to do classes or fitness programs, paying

just $5/visit

Eligibility and T&C:

- medical certificate from your doctor/specialist that state your medical condition and that you are prescribed to do regular exercises

- visits must be between 9 am - 4 pm

- the visit it's up to 45 minutes

- weekends are not applicable for this program

- for classes booking is required 24 hours prior

- visits include just gym workout or our group fitness classes and do not include services such infrared sauna, crèche and showers

- hygiene and safety rules must be followed

For Full Access please refer to our Green Prescription Membership.

Piloxing classes

Never tried Piloxing contact us HERE to get Your FREE trial

At the core of the PILOXING fitness programs is that every individual is powerful and can attain the self-image they want by taking charge of their health. Piloxing provides group fitness programs using the most current science based on cutting edge research and techniques that burn maximum calories build lean muscles and increase stamina. PILOXING incorporates boxing and standing Pilates principles. The combination of these disciplines as primary exercise components create a sense of balance that is physical and mental.

Booking and more details about Zumba Kids at [email protected]

Hygiene and Health & Safety rules at Lioness Gym


Sport Massage

  • Full Body Massage techniques
  • Soft Tissue Therapy
  • Contraindications of massage
  • Basic postural analysis

Okinawa Goju Ryu Karate

Could this be You?

Self - Esteem

Self - Confidence

Self - Defense

Email [email protected] to get your 4 sessions FREE trial

Argi +

L-Arginine is a potent amino acid that helps to support what scientists refer to as the “Miracle Molecule” – nitric oxide.

L-Arginine is converted into nitric oxide in the body, to help support circulation.

L-Arginine supports many important systems in our body:

• Overall cardiovascular system

• Immune system

• Muscles

• Bone & skeletal system

• Male genitourinary system