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Zumba Slimming/Supportive Belt

  • The lightweight slimming belt safely encourages your body to sweat into shape.
  • The contoured sides let you comfortably bust a move, unlike any other slimming belt, while the adjustable belt allows you to find your perfect fit.
  • No matter how hard you shake it on the dance floor, the stretchy latex-free fabric won't slip out of place as you sculpt your tummy.
  • *Using this product causes increased sweating during exercise, which can result in temporary inch loss. Be sure to stay adequately hydrated when wearing the belt to avoid dehydration.


  1. I wear Zumba Belt in all Piloxing and Zumba classes. I love it because it helps me SWEAT A LOT. Since I use Zumba Belt, I see better result of my waist measurement EVERY WEEK. It’s very light and soft, so I can do big movements freely. It also protects my lower back and prevent injury. I strongly recommend everyone to get one. - Meiling Chen
  2. I use Zumba Belt when I have my period pains and helps me a lot to continue to teach all my intensive classes but also to enjoy my time with kids around me. I also sent a belt for my mum and dad to support them with their back while they do gardening and other house work. - Felicia Alkin
  3. I want to recommend this belt, because it is extremely waterproof and lightweight, especially I like to ware it during exercise. First of all, it can effectively burn belly fat. I can protect my spine when I am doing weight training. Lastly, because it is a high-density belt, at the end of any exercise it can make the body to heat and achieve more sweat continually. - Ivy Lin
  4. The Zumba toning belt is lightweight and can be worn while in Zumba classes as well as power walking. It makes your mid section sweat like crazy assisting you to tone your mid section.
I hurt my lower back a month ago and wore mine under my clothes at work. It was fantastic and it supported my lower back as well as assist my posture. I took mine away on holiday and wore it around the house while doing housework. When I took it off. My waist and stomach were sweating. This was just housework!!
I absolutely love my Zumba Toning belt and highly recommend to anyone!! 

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