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Felicia Alkin

Founder and Owner 

Trainer and Fitness Instructor

Felicia left Romania and started a brand new life in New Zealand in 2010. She first came to help her family friends in a very delicate and serious health problem. She achieved her mission and at the same time fell in love with New Zealand. Now Felicia is a happy (meaning of her name) woman next to her husband Tom and a contented mother of 2 children, Andrew and Sofia.

Feel the Vibe and Enjoy Every Moment in Your Life

Felicia’s Happiness, Enthusiasm and Attitude make her so different and unique. " My life is different; I love TO HAVE and DO different and excited things in my beautiful life; I love TO LIVE my life differently "

With an extensive experience in performing on stage from two and a half years old and with well developed interpersonal skills, Felicia found Zumba Fitness to be a thrilling combination of Fitness and Dancing, the two activities that she is passionate about. First love was for Ballet since she was just two years old. After 10 years she inclined her passion towards athletics and fitness where she performed for 8 years. During high-school her passion for dance become deeper so while on her sales, marketing and management career she decided to use her spare time leaning to dance all the Latin styles.

Other Qualifications/Up-skills :

  • Personal and Group Fitness Trainer
  • Pilates/Core/Swiss Ball Instructor
  • Pre/Post Natal Instructor
  • Piloxing Instructor
  • STRONG Instructor
  • Sports Massage Specialist
  • Specialized in working with Autism, Down Syndrome and Asperger children/adults

Felicia cannot live without her family, her dancing and fitness life and her smile that has to be always on her face." Main and most important thing for me is to my lovely family, to dance until I’ll be at least 94, to fully enjoy my life and have FUN!!! And FUN states for Forgetting Unbelievable Negatives J “

Travel, reading books, swimming and tramping are also her passions.

Achievements and Reviews at Lioness Gym:

  • Kelli K. - 4 weeks Transformation Challenge

At joining: 59.2 kg,                    After 4 weeks challenge: 57.2 kg

Bust: 96.5 cm,                                  Bust: 95 cm

Waist : 80 cm,                                  Waist : 76 cm

Navel : 89 cm,                                  Navel: 82 cm

Hip: 100 cm,                                     Hip: 97 cm

  • Shafiqa S.

At joining: 77 kg,                           After 2 months: 66 Kg,

Arm: 35.8 cm,                                    Arm: 32 cm

Bust: 106 cm,                                     Bust: 102 cm

Waist: 97.4 cm,                                 Waist : 87.5 cm

Navel: 109.8 cm,                               Navel: 100 cm

Hip: 114.6 cm,                                   Hip: 104 cm

Thigh: 55 cm                                      Thigh: 54 cm

  • Dileeshiya E.

At joining: 64 kg,                          After 12 weeks: 64 kg,

Navel: 99.5 cm,                                    Navel: 91 cm

Hip: 105.5 cm                                      Hip: 104 cm

  • Dineka DS.

At joining: 58.1 kg,                         After 12 weeks: 55 kg,

Bust: 99 cm,                                          Bust: 95 cm

Waist: 86 cm,                                       Waist: 80.5 cm

Navel: 104 cm,                                       Navel: 99.5 cm

Hip: 99.5 cm,                                         Hip: 96 cm

Thigh: 60.5 cm                                      Thigh: 59 cm

  • Anne I.

At joining: 65.1 kg,                         After 6 weeks: 61.8 kg,

Bust: 97 cm,                                           Bust: 93 cm

Waist: 82 cm,                                        Waist: 78 cm,

Navel: 92 cm,                                        Navel: 86 cm

Hip: 102 cm,                                          Hip: 99 cm

Thigh: 59 cm                                         Thigh: 57 cm 

  • Lin F Y

At joining: 56.9 kg,                         After 12 weeks: 61.8 kg

Waist: 79 cm,                                        Waist: 71 cm

Navel: 84.5 cm                                     Navel: 78 cm ,

Hip: 92.5 cm,                                        Hip: 90 cm

Thigh: 55 cm                                        Thigh: 53.5 cm

  • Phylicia V N

At joining: 117 kg,                           After 8 months: 98 kg

Arm: 39 cm,                                         Arm: 33 cm

Bust: 117 cm,                                        Bust: 109.5 cm

Waist: 100 cm,                                    Waist: 90 cm,

Navel: 110.5 cm,                                  Navel: 101.5 cm

Hip: 134 cm,                                        Hip: 121.5 cm

Thigh: 79.5 cm                                    Thigh: 73.5 cm 

  • Meiling Chen

At joining: 77 kg                               After 1 year : 60.5 kg

Arm: 35 cm                                           Arm: 31.5 cm

Bust: 108 cm                                        Bust: 88.5 cm

Waist: 88 cm                                        Waist: 73 cm

Navel: 97 cm,                                        Navel: 84 cm

Hip: 113 cm,                                          Hip: 99 cm

Thigh: 65 cm                                        Thigh: 59 cm 

  • Jodie K.

At joining: 99.7 kg,                              After 4 months: 94.4 kg

Arm: 40 cm,                                       Arm: 37 cm

Bust: 111.5 cm,                                     Bust: 107.5 cm

Waist: 96.5 cm,                                    Waist: 93 cm,

Navel: 110 cm,                                  Navel: 105 cm

Hip: 125 cm,                                        Hip: 120 cm

Thigh: 73 cm                                    Thigh: 71 cm 

  • I am so glad that I signed up for this in October and now I am into my second 6-weeks Transformation Challenge!! Felicia is really good at making you work hard to achieve the result you want. With the nutrition advice I am more conscious of what I am putting into my body. With her personalized training session and nutrition advice, I believe I can see even more drastic change in my body after this second challenge! - Lin
  • Big YaY for the Transformation Challenge.....someone like me who is lazy and not diligent enough when it comes to workout this TC is definitely for us....Felicia made us to do this intense PT sessions & she kept pushing us all the time which was indeed needed...For sure worth every penny when you see the kilos you have shed after each week....To add on , the Nutrition Advice helped me to cut down all those unwanted calories i was consuming....My core strength is much better after these sessions & gone some sizes down...So its totally worth it....go for it ladies !!! - Vidhya
  • Thanks Felicia for pushing us to our limits. I wouldn't have done this without your motivation and our team's perseverance. It was hard, in fact, very hard at first but once you see the inches go off, you become more motivated. There are times that you think you don't see results but for me the biggest achievement is the fact that you get to listen more to what your body really needs- which is health and fitness. XxX - Anne

  • I just want to thanks an amazing owner instructor Felicia Alkin at Lioness Gym. I joined Lioness gym around late 2017 for a four week trial period. My fitness level was really poor. At that time I could only do a 10 minute walk on the tread mill at a very low speed. I used to get shortness of breath and often I had to use inhaler during exercise. I shared my concern with Felicia. She offered me personal training sessions and helped me to work on my breathing plus physical exercise. I used to get really tired but because her support a stage came where I noticed that my body was getting stronger and energetic. Now I hardly had to use inhalers. I can do my exercise with no concerns. My family and friends have noticed improvements in my physical health since I have joined the gym. I am a regular gym member and I highly recommend Lioness gym to others. I am very grateful to Felicia. I would not have achieved my fitness level without her support and efforts. She is an enthusiastic and passionate instructor who loves to help people like me - Sarah A

  • I am so glad I have signed up with Felicia and the Lioness Gym team. There are a lot of classes to choose from and Felicia is very inspirational and motivating trainer. Personal training sessions and classes are well organised and I love ever minute of it. Wendy

  • Realizing just joining the gym and trying to do some routine exercises fitness wise hadn’t worked, I signed up for PT sessions with Felicia. She always helped me to challenge my limits whilst advocating correct posture and techniques, constantly encourages me to get through various exercises most of them are very hard but very effective. Her professional skills together with the knowledge on human muscular system allow her to quickly identify the week points and design personalized workouts. I would never have seen improvement in my fitness at my age, if not for the personal attention and the motivation given during my training sessions - Stella V

  • I am Sylvia Tian. I was diagnosed and suffered with frozen shoulder for a more than half year. My left arm only had very limited movement range. My shoulder, neck and back area were very sore. I could not raise my arm, could not comb my hair, could not wear bra, and even could not reach the dishes when I have my meals. Felicia suggested taking some actions to fix this. So I purchased personal training and massage package. After nearly 13 weeks, my arm obtained extended movement range in all directions. It is no longer sore. I am so happy about the result. Felicia is very knowledgeable and skillful trainer and masseuse. She would not waste one single minute. Personal training session is much more efficient than the group classes or work out by myself. Felicia designed the program tailored to my condition and my personal needs. They are well planned sessions – there is no session are the same and you do not have excuse to not do it, every minute is used for your needs. I feel the massage is really a treat for me - after working more than 8 hours in the front of computer every day, a once a week massage is really a relief. Sometimes, we do need treat ourselves well. I recommend Felicia's services to you all when needed.

  • Felicia is a very encouraging, skilled and supportive trainer. Her classes are fun, energetic and you always feel like you belong there. - Yvette

  • I have lost almost 10 kg within half a year at the gym, feel so amazing that I can fit my beautiful clothes again. Thanks to Felicia, I will keep coming to the classes. Next goal is another 5 kg! Fighting... - Cecilia

  • I have been a member for 4 years...Felicia is very dedicated to helping women feel and look good about themselves. I have benefited so much from coming regularly and everyday I look forward to planning what classes I will be attending on the day...Also I have met a lot of super Ladies and there is so much enthusiasm when we are working out together...This is mostly because of our Trainers...Thank you Felicia I intend to keep coming as long as I am able...I was 67 when I joined and am no 71 and never felt better thanks to the help from Lioness Gym!! - Pam

  • I have known Felicia for about 3 years and I love her as a person and as a coach. She is highly professional and very dedicated and passionate to what she does. Her classes lift my spirits and I call them my dose of happiness. She is an honest person and working really hard and committed about her business juggling work and also family with two young children. She has amazing energy, ideas and likes to keep us healthy, gives us advice, pushes us to the limits, makes us laugh and have fun. I hope her business does well in the future as she deserves the best. I know all the ladies love her. You rock Felicia, we all love you, you have been doing so much for us and the community. I know that you have been doing charity work with children with additional needs. You have a big heart, thank you for everything you have done for us ladies. - Cristina

  • The owner covers almost everything a person is looking for. Felicia (the owner and instructor) is a multi talented person and is extremely passionate about her gym. This gym helps one to feel at ease whilst doing your workout. Really wide scope of activities at an affordable price. - Patricia
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